Leo: The Headliner


A 30 page ebook with everything you need to know about Leo, from its element, mode, glyph, ruling House and planet, and more! And it’s written in a lucid, humorous, and undoubtedly Cosmic Cannibal way.


Leo: The Headliner is broken up into four sections. In the first section I describe the physical characteristics of Leo. Following that is THE GUTS, where I explore the ins and outs of the fixed fire sign, from its temperament and character strengths, to what careers Leo are drawn to and why.


Next, in THE GLYPH, I explain the meaning of the Lion glyph and Sun association by analyzing Greek / Roman mythology, as well as the glyph and planetary symbols. The fourth and final section, THE GRIEF, is a guide for spotting and dealing with Leo’s bad side and bad habits.


Leo: The Headliner is guaranteed to give you the info you can’t find in any other astrology book. This ebook is for those born under the fire sign so they can understand their own unique traits and experiences–and learn how to navigate through life in better ways.


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Format & Delivery: This is an electronic book. It will be available for direct download after purchase. If you are not able to download the book, or have any trouble viewing the book once you receive it, please contact me.


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