Transit Report Audio Birth Chart Reading


Transit Report is for anyone who wants to know what an upcoming transit has in store for them– and it’s something they need to know now. Let’s say a Lunar Eclipse is squaring your 10th House Mercury and you want to know what that means and how to deal with it; or, you’re heading into your Jupiter Return or Saturn Return and wanna know what the heck that means for you. Cosmic’s got you covered.


By offering recorded interpretations, you get the benefits of a verbal chart reading with the convenience of an audiobook or podcast. Which means you can listen to your birth chart–and be reminded of your innate capabilities and strengths–whenever and wherever.


Format & Delivery: This is an Audio MP3 file of approximately 15-30 minutes in length about a singular, requested transit. (Note: the length of the reading depends on the transit in question. Returns take longer than lunations!) It will be available for direct download no later than one week after purchase. If you don’t receive a confirmation email that includes your personalized MP3, or have any trouble listening to the MP3 once you receive it, please contact me.


Additional Note: Your date, time, and location of birth are needed for this Transit Report, as is the transit in question. Please include both in your post-purchase message.


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