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Ready for the ultimate zodiac sign book? The Zodiac Abstract is a lively and enlightening exploration of the zodiac signs through the lense of the one and only Cosmic Cannibal. Long gone are the days of mystical mumbo jumbo and planetary puzzlement related to the 12 zodiac signs.
Within this book are 360 pages of accurate, enlightening, and invaluable astrology information written in a lucid, humorous, and undoubtedly Cosmic Cannibal way. Each of the 12 signs– Aries through Pisces — has its own dense chapter, broken up into four sections.
In the first section I describe the physical characteristics and aesthetic preferences and themes of the signs.
Following that is THE GUTS, where I define how the 12 signs reason, feel, and conduct themselves, as well as what their character strengths are, and also what diversions and occupations they are drawn to.
Next, in THE GLYPH, I explain the meaning of the zodiac glyphs and planetary symbols by way of myths, constellations, and other fun seemingly unrelated material.
The third and final section, THE GRIEF, is written as a guidebook for spotting and solving the most common, yet commonly overlooked zodiac behavioral predicaments.
All sections harmonize with one another, but can be read separately any time you are seeking reassurance, insight, or straight-up shade about your or others’ signs.
Format & Delivery: This is an electronic book. It will be available for direct download no later than one day after purchase. If you don’t receive a confirmation email that includes your copy, or have any trouble viewing the book once you receive it, please contact me at zodiac.abstract@gmail.com.


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