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Mars Dominant, what it is and what it means for your zodiac sign

The Planets

     OK. So, you’re checking your daily horoscope or you just got your free birth chart from astrology.com, and you notice this...
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Venus in Aquarius Transit and the Future of Love

Horoscopes, The Planets

What happens when the love planet and the fixed air sign come together
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Your astrology reading for the 2022 Sagittarius new moon


It’s a totally tubular forecast, bra.
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What each planet in astrology means, sun through pluto

Astrology, The Planets • 6 Comments

Pithy run-through of the astrological planets.
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Aries Compatibility: the zodiac signs that attract and repel the cardinal fire sign

Astrology, The Zodiac • One Comment

Love doesn’t always mean fireworks for the first fire sign of the zodiac. It can mean frictio…
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Leo compatibility: the zodiac signs that attract and repel the fixed fire signs

Astrology, The Zodiac • One Comment

Sign-on-Sign Synastry, baby. Loving Leo the Lion
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Zodiac Sign Love Relationships: Aries, how the cardinal fire sign is in love

Astrology, The Zodiac

Ever wonder how the zodiac signs really act in love relationships? There’s no better way to start off these love horoscopes than with...
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The Glyph and Myth of Pisces

Astrology, The Zodiac • 3 Comments

There is duality and deception aplenty inside the cryptic symbols of Pisces, from the glyph to the …
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11th House and the Fate of Fame

Astrology, The Houses • 4 Comments

Forget genius! Here’s how Aquarius and the 11th house is destined for distinction.
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The Glyph and Myth of Aquarius

Astrology, The Zodiac • 5 Comments

The symbol of the Water Bearer, which consists of a human figure pouring out liquids from a vase or jug, has for some unknown reason led...
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