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Conquering 2024: A New Year, New Moon Intention-Setting Workshop

Conquering 2024: A New Year, New Moon Intention-Setting Workshop

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Are you feeling like the year 2023 steamrolled right over you? Same here. But don't worry, because Conquering 2024: A New Moon Intention-Setting Workshop is here to help you kick off a year of personal victories and set lasting goals for the new year.

In this New Moon workshop, astrologer Cosmic Cannibal offers her unique blend of celestial wisdom and real-world strategies. Get ready for kick-ass business plans, goals that stick, and a roadmap to personal success in 2024. No more wishy-washy new year resolutions. Step into 2024 with a grand plan and a gutsy mindset, creating ambitious goals, determined dreams, and fearless intentions that pack a punch. 

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Make YOUR Goals a Reality

In this astrology workshop, Conquering 2024, goals become reality, and New Moon intention-setting is your secret weapon. Join pro astrologer Cosmic Cannibal in this workshop and:

  • Gain New Moon Insights: Uncover the themes and energies of the Capricorn New Moon, and learn how they align with your personal goals.
  • Work with the New Moon in Your Chart: Discover how to locate and work with the New Moon in your chart, unlocking personalized insights for your journey.
  • Decode Transits: Get interpretations of the potent planetary transits on the January New Moon and learn how to use them as fuel for your goals.
  • Set Long-Lasting Goals: Say goodbye to wishy-washy resolutions. Learn the art of setting intentions that are built to last, using powerful manifestation techniques.
  • Manifest YOUR Goals: Together, you’ll rewrite the narrative for 2024. Because goals are more achievable when you have a squad.

Why You Need this workshop

You Deserve a Year That's YOURS

Learn to Boss Up in 2024

Conquering 2024 is your ticket to unleashing your inner boss and navigating the twists and turns of the year ahead.

With bespoke advice from Cosmic Cannibal, discover the meaning and power of the Capricorn New Moon, and learn how to use this New Year lunation to your advantage.

Personalized New Year Resolution Ideas

Unsure of what goals to set? Don't worry.

With unrivaled insights into the energies, themes, and transits of the Capricorn New Moon, this workshop reveals secret tools for setting personalized goals and real resolutions, based on the New Moon's placement in YOUR birth chart.

New Moon Numerology

Tap into the hidden power of the January New Moon using numerology.

Using her savvy-yet-grounded insights, pro astrologer Cosmic Cannibal break down the powerful numerology of this New Moon to help you set long-lasting intentions.

New Year Action Plan

Learn how to create your very own New Moon, New Year Intention-Setting Action Plan so that you can set, meet, and achieve your creative goals throughout 2024.

  • Guided Goal-Setting Practice

    Gain insights from the astro-expert, Camille, as she leads you through a transformative intention-setting and manifestation practice.

  • New Moon Astrology Cheat Sheets

    Explore the New Moon in the houses and any aspects it's making to certain planets / placements in YOUR chart with these bonus astrology cheat sheets.

  • New Moon Intention-Setting Insights

    Discover the symbols and meaning of the Capricorn New Moon, and what this January new moon means for YOUR birth chart and new year goals.

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It's Time to Get Clear, Get Grounded, and Get What YOU Want in 2024

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