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Meet Camille, aka Cosmic Cannibal

Well, hello there! My name is Camille, aka Cosmic Cannibal. As a Colorado-based professional astrologer and author I have dedicated over a decade to helping hundreds of individuals uncover their star power through inspiring and insightful readings.

Your birth chart, like a unique cosmic fingerprint, holds the key to unlocking the greatest gift of all: a remarkable understanding of your true self. And I would love to help you guide you there!

Together, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, unlocking your limitless potential for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Together, we can create a roadmap for your future that is both insightful and empowering.

A Cosmic Adventure Awaits: Dive into Jupiter Returns

The Devil Wears Prada meets your daily horoscope in this laugh-out-loud comedy astrology novel that takes you on a journey with Cosmic Cannibal, a Gemini astrologer in the making. As she races against time and the stars, Cosmic faces fierce competition, astrological surprises, and sizzling romantic entanglements.

With humor, heart, and a dash of cosmic chaos, this novel is perfect for fans of chick lit, romcoms, and astrology.

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We're Committed to Giving Back

10% of every dollar earned from our birth chart readings is donated to the Pikes Peak Humane Society in Colorado, providing food, shelter and necessary medical services to animals in need.

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