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It’s around this time each year that I outline all the upcoming transits for the year ahead, which I use to write horoscopes, examine major transits, and stay on top of the cosmic weather–now, you can do the same!

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Readings and Rantings

Jupiter in Taurus: A true transit for growth and prosperity

Horoscopes, The Planets

Are you ready to douse your life in Miracle-Gro and watch it bloom?
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Eclipse Season: what it is and how to survive it

Astrology, The Planets

Consider this your how-to and survival guide for the astrological phenomena.
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How to set New and Full Moon intentions

Astrology • 2 Comments

In five easy steps
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Neptune Dominant, what it is & what it means for your birth chart

Astrology, The Planets

Is the planet of illusion steering your life?
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Everything about Venus conjunct Neptune

Astrology, The Planets • One Comment

A transit for love, creativity, and magic
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Meet Cosmic Cannibal

I’m Camille, a.k.a. Cosmic Cannibal.


Let’s be real: astrology is really fun. And it’s even more fun when you understand it. Which is why I do what I do. My snarky-yet-savvy approach makes astrology more accessible, relevant, and enjoyable. That way, you can understand astrology and yourself better, and make the most of who you already are.

Moon Sign in Astrology: what it is, and what it means

The Planets

     In the vast universe of the astrological birth chart, the Moon sign shines brightly as a celestial force that influences our emotions, instincts, and inner world....
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Cosmic Weather Forecast: 2023 Aries season


All the transits, baby!
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Saturn in Pisces meaning and horoscope


Everything you need to know about the major transit
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Your guide to Mercury in Aquarius


Your complete horoscope for the planetary transit
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