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Mercury Retrograde Magic: Unlock Your Creative Genius Workbook

Mercury Retrograde Magic: Unlock Your Creative Genius Workbook

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Unlock your creative genius and manifest magic with the Cosmic Cannibal Mercury Retrograde Magic Workbook! Loaded with tips, tricks, and exercises to help YOU unlock your creative genius, this 60-page digital workbook is a must-have for every student of astrology.


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Here's what you get in this workbook:

  • Savvy guidance on how to navigate Mercury Rx's energies and themes in YOUR creative practice.
  • In-depth explorations of the themes and creative challenges of each Mercury Retrograde period, and how those retrograde motions can be use to boost and maintain your creative flow.
  • Curated advice on how to tap into the reflective nature of the transit, unlock YOUR creative genius, and turn this celestial challenge into an opportunity.
  • 60 beautifully-designed pages packed with information about navigating this tricky astrological transit.
  • Creativity-Boosting Rituals, Journal Prompts, Tips, & Worksheets

    These curated worksheets, rituals, prompts, and exercises will help you keep your creative juices flowing during every Mercury Retrograde phase.

  • Personalized Mercury Rx Action Plan

    Instructions for crafting a personalized Mercury Rx Action Plan to help you set goals for your projects, and maximize your creativity during each and every Mercury retrograde phase.

  • Bonus Chapters on Mercury & Mercury Retrograde in the Birth Chart

    Explore the symbolism and mythology of Mercury, and learn all about Mercury's Retrograde through the birth chart.

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Get YOUR copy of Mercury Retrograde Magic and unlock your creativity today!