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The Moon Bundle

The Moon Bundle

Get the meaning of YOUR Moon sign with The Moon Bundle. 

This bundle features the top-selling Moon Sign Mastery workshop, the Manifesting with the Moon Workbook, and a 10-minute Moon Astrology Reading. Say goodbye to emotional chaos and hello to a harmonious existence where your Moon Sign becomes your secret weapon for inner peace. Plus, learn how to work with the moon to set potent intentions. 

Don't be left in the dark about how the Moon is impacting your life and chart. Get the Moon Bundle today!

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  • Moon Sign Mastery Workshop

    This immersive 60-minute astrology workshop, we're peeling back the layers of your Moon Sign, and handing you the keys to emotional mastery.

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  • New Moon/Full Moon Reading

    Learn what new chapter of your life is beginning and what past chapters are nearing their end with this 10-minute moon birth chart reading.

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  • Manifesting with the Moon Workbook

    This 78-page digital workbook is your celestial compass to conquer intention-setting pitfalls and illuminate the path to your goals.

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A Gift That Keeps on Giving

For those who have a deep love for astrology, this gift set is a dream come true. Treat yourself or surprise a fellow astro-lover with this incredible bundle.

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