About Cosmic Cannibal


Unveiling Cosmic Clarity

At Cosmic Cannibal, we're on a cosmic quest to demystify astrology. Our services are your passport to unraveling cosmic mysteries, offering unparalleled insights that power up your confidence, kickstart your self-discovery, and supercharge your self-love.

We're firm believers that everyone deserves a moment in the astrological spotlight—our mission is to illuminate your unique path with clarity, affordability, and a dash of the unexpected.


Illuminating Paths, Empowering Lives  

Astrology is a profound tool for self-discovery—but sometimes it can get complex. That’s why we’re about more than stargazing; we’re navigators of the cosmic terrain, aiming to simplify complexities and bring abstract concepts down to earth.

Starting as a quirky question & answer blog on Tumblr, Cosmic Cannibal has since evolved into a digital astrology hub, blending fresh perspectives with savvy insights. Our founder personally writes and designs all content for Cosmic Cannibal, infusing each horoscope, podcast, workshop, and book with our trademark humor, heart, and savvy.

While we cherish the classics—signs, planets, houses—we also dive into the uncharted “advanced” areas of astrology, and believe that whether veteran or newbie, astrology should be an accessible, fun tool for ALL.   


Affordability, Accessibility, Ingenuity

At Cosmic Cannibal, we bring you a fusion of affordability and accessibility, delivering top-notch content that's as fresh as it is fun. Our goal is to make you feel seen, empowered, and motivated through our distinctive approach to astrology. And we're not just about sharing insights; we're also about giving back.


Camille Liptak: Founder, CEO, and Co-Owner

Camille, a Colorado-based writer, astrologer, author, and artist, possesses over a decade of experience in illuminating the astrological path for worldwide clients. Her engaging horoscopes, workshops, and readings have empowered thousands to enhance their confidence and unleash their creativity.

Jeff Dempsey: CIO and Co-Owner

Both an artist and entrepreneur, Jeff has merged his passion for business and art into an extensive two-decade career in film production, video editing, and marketing. With his one-of-a-kind expertise, Jeff has collaborated with renowned film groups and brands, elevating their visions into captivating online creations. He resides in Colorado.

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