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Why The Cosmic Collective?

Elevate your cosmic experience and join a community where learning meets connection. Here's what awaits YOU in The Cosmic Collective:

🌟 Monthly Astrology Workshops: Embark on a celestial journey every 1st of the month! Gain UNLIMITED access to a treasure trove of previous workshops, including mind-blowing sessions like "Famestrology" and "Manifesting Money with Your Birth Chart."

💫 Weekly Q&As with Camille: Access a seasoned astrologer's wisdom! Solve YOUR urgent astrology queries in weekly hour-long Q&A sessions with Camille. Receive personalized insights, exclusive advice, and unravel the secrets of your birth chart each and every week.

🌐 Cosmic Community: Join our vibrant online community, where astrology enthusiasts unite. Engage in real-time discussions, seek advice on birth charts and ongoing transits, and forge connections with kindred spirits who share your passion for the stars.

📚 Bespoke Digital Learning Resources: Empower yourself with monthly digital downloads tailored to each theme. Dive into workbooks, astrology planners, cheat sheets, and more, all designed to deepen your astrological mastery.

What You also get

Extra Perks for Members

Free Gift for YOU

As a special offer for signing up, receive a FREE self-care gift—a token of our commitment to your journey of self-love and astrology mastery.

Just pay shipping!

 Full Access to The Cosmic Almanac

Get insider access to Camille's popular astrology blog, and save $60/year!

The Cosmic Almanac delivers the deets on weekly and monthly horoscopes, new and full moons, zodiac season predictions, and more.

Plus, dive into the juicy stuff with exclusive podcast episodes and personal essays. It's like having the cosmic gossip hotline on speed dial!

Big Savings on Birth Chart Readings

As an exciting bonus, The Cosmic Collective members are treated to an incredible 30% off on all birth chart reading services.

Plus, being part of this community also ensures that your chart is given top priority in Camille's busy schedule.

Imagine being the first one to have your chart read and analyzed, all while enjoying a generous 30% discount!

Mystical Monthly Surprises

Treat yourself to a monthly mystery box! Packed with handmade Zodiac cards, bath bombs, and even birth chart paintings—because why settle for ordinary when you can have astro-fabulous?

  • Tier 1

    Digital Products, monthly workshops, access to the community and weekly sessions with Cosmic.

  • Tier 2

    Everything in Tier 1, except a monthly mystery gift, discount & priority on chart readings, AND insider access to The Cosmic Almanac.

  • Tier 3

    Everything in Tiers 1 & 2, except a monthly mystery gift box, and (other cool stuff)

  • Sarah, Fame Reading

    "I always see things about fame degrees and I get so confused when people explain it, but Camille made it so easy to understand. This was so helpful."

  • Erin, Big 3 Love Reading

    "No words can begin to describe how much I appreciate this [reading]. Talking to Camille is like talking to a friend."

  • Samantha, Fame Reading

    "I feel so encouraged, enlightened, and motivated! Such a positive and informative reading. Camille is so...astoundingly nice!"

  • Lauren, Critical Degree Reading

    "I've never been educated about the critical degrees or my mid-heaven, and Camille explained it in a clear and inspiring manner."

  • Tswana, Career & Purpose Reading

    "My reading with Camille was AWESOME! She helped me realize the career that's best-suited to me. If you need a guiding light, Camille is IT!"

  • Abigail, Dominant Planet Reading

    "Camille's so knowledgeable, but she also really wants to help you feel better about you and your chart."

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Camille, aka Cosmic Cannibal, is your new favorite Astrologer

Hey there, I'm Camille, your go-to astrologer with a passion for decoding the cosmic mysteries in your birth chart. With over a decade of diving headfirst into the fascinating world of astrology, I've fine-tuned my skills and can't wait to share my insights with you.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick 3-minute Big 3 peek or a deep dive into the intricacies of your chart for a solid 60 minutes, I've got plenty of choices to satisfy your celestial curiosity!

No matter where you are in life, or what your level of astrology experience is, you can count on me to decode your birth chart and help you navigate the cosmic maze of your life's path with ease.

"The best, most personal astrologer I've ever found!"

-- Skylar B.