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Astrology 101 Guidebook

Astrology 101 Guidebook

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Cosmic Cannibal's Astrology 101 is your one-way ticket to stargazing mastery. Perfect for beginner or intermediate astrology students, this 30-page PDF guide dives deep into the signs, elements, modes and more, to help you learn astrology in no time.


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Here's what you get:

  • Exploration of the 12 zodiac signs, their unique qualities, elemental essences, and modes of expression. 
  • In-Depth insights into the 10 planets in astrology, their archetypes and crucial roles in astrology and in everyday life. 
  • Practical Interpretations of the astrological houses, aspects, and planetary transits for easy learning. 
  • 30-pages of bespoke astrological knowledge, a beautifully-designed guide and for students of all levels.
  • Learn On The Go

    As a digital guidebook, Astrology 101 is designed to be your mobile mystical companion. It is compatible with most smart phones and tablets, so you can learn literally astrology anywhere!

  • Cheat Sheets

    Puzzled by your daily horoscope? This digital guide has 8 printable cheat sheets for the zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects and transits. You'll be a horoscope master in no time!

  • Birth Chart Basics

    This guidebook also features a special chapter that dives deep into the mysteries of the birth chart. You'll learn all the basics of the birth chart as you decode the cosmic puzzle of your life!

Your ultimate guide to astrology and the zodiac awaits