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Cosmic Cannibal Planets Cheat Sheets

Cosmic Cannibal Planets Cheat Sheets

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Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with our Cosmic Cannibal Planets Cheat Sheets! Perfect for 'star'-ters learning astrology, these cheat sheets compile the symbols, archetypes, and roles of all 10 planets. And the best part? The digital 15-page PDF is perfect for printouts. Now you can learn astrology in no time flat!

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Here's what you get:

  • Comprehensive cheat sheets designed to help you unlock the mysteries of the 10 planets in astrology.
  • Easy-to-read tables and charts to teach you each planet's symbol, significance, polarity, and archetypal meanings.
  • Enjoy 15 printable pages for effortless reference and a user-friendly learning experience.
  • Information to empower you to learn and master all the nuanced roles of each planet in astrology.
  • Sign and House Rulerships

    Get insider info on the zodiac signs and astrological houses ruled by each planet, and unveil their influence in astrology and your birth chart.

  • Polarity Proficiency

    Grasp the polarities of the planets, and uncover their dynamic interplay in birth chart and horoscope interpretation.

  • Enhance Astrological Knowledge

    Whether an astrology newbie or long-time enthusiast, The Planet Cheat Sheets are sure to elevate your astrological insights.

Planetary cheat sheets for stellar savvy