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Mercury Retrograde Magic Workshop

Mercury Retrograde Magic Workshop

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Unlock your creative genius with Mercury Retrograde Magic workshop.

Calling all artists, writers, songwriters, and business professionals. Feeling like the cosmic chaos of Mercury retrograde wreaking havoc on your creative flow? Well, Cosmic Cannibal is here to flip the script on Mercury's infamous antics, and help YOU make some creative magic.

Hone your astro-skills with this 60-minute astrology course on the power of Mercury Retrograde—perfect for both beginners and advanced students of astrology. 

Packed with advice, tactics, and activities to help YOU navigate Mercury Retrograde with ease and tap into your powerful potential, Mercury Retrograde Magic is a must-have workshop for your astrology library. 

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Special Early Bird Price: $19.99

Master Mercury Rx in this LIVE workshop on Dec. 13, and save $25.

Seats are limited. Snag YOURS today!

Unleash YOUR Creative Brilliance

Whether you're a writer, artist, musician or entrepreneur, Mercury retrograde is your ticket to more creative ideas and inspiration. Join pro astrologer Cosmic Cannibal in this workshop and:

  • Unravel Mercury Retrograde Myths. Dive deep to discover the untapped well of inspiration that lies within this astrological phenomenon and let it become your celestial muse.
  • Reignite Your Spark. Flip the narrative and transform this retrograde period into a playground for your imagination and creativity. Ignite your passion and let your imagination soar during this transformative retrograde period.
  • Harness the Power of Mercury Retrograde. Discover the elemental and zodiac themes of Mercury Rx, and turn this retrograde motion into a catalyst for your creative juices to flow.
  • Navigate with Finesse. Learn to unlock the peak of your creative potential and work with this notorious transit to amplify and elevate your craft.

Why You Need this workshop

Redfine Your Creative Narrative

Bust the Myth, Embrace the Magic

Learn how to navigate this cosmic wave with finesse, and make it your ally in the creative realm.

With bespoke advice from Cosmic Cannibal, you will bust myths, discover the underlying power of Mercury Retrograde, and learn how to use this transit to your creative advantage.

A Total Artistic Transformation

With unrivaled insights into the energies, themes, and potential challenges of each Mercury Retrograde phase, this workshop reveals secret tools for tapping into, and transforming your creativity.

Say goodbye to creative roadblocks and hello to a new, more artistic you.

Uncover YOUR Artistic Alchemy

Uncover the magic within the retrograde dance, transforming challenges into opportunities for your imagination to soar.

Plus, learn how to create your very own Mercury Rx Action Plan so that you can set, meet, and achieve your creative goals.

Beat Creative Stagnation

With worksheets, exercises, journal prompts and rituals, this workshop will help you turn those creative hurdles into stepping stones for your brightest ideas yet.

  • Creativity-Boosting Rituals, Journal Prompts, Tips, & Worksheets

    These curated rituals, prompts, and exercises will help you keep your creative juices flowing during every Mercury Retrograde phase.

  • Personalized Mercury Rx Action Plan

    Instructions for crafting a personalized Mercury Rx Action Plan to help you set goals for your projects, and maximize your creativity during each and every Mercury retrograde phase.

  • Resources & Recommendations

    Don't just get in the creative flow, learn how to stay in it with these stellar resource suggestions and recommendations inspired by astrology and artistic practices alike.

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Plus, FREE COPY of Mercury Retrograde Magic Workbook

With cheat sheets, worksheets, bonus journal prompts and more, this PDF workbook is yours FREE with this workshop. See what's inside:

  • Bespoke guidance on how to navigate Mercury Rx's energies and themes in YOUR creative practice.
  • In-depth coverage of the themes and creative challenges of each Mercury Retrograde period, and how they can be use to boost and maintain your creative flow.
  • Curated advice on how to tap into the reflective nature of the transit, unlock YOUR creative genius, and turn this celestial challenge into an opportunity.
  • 60 beautifully-designed pages packed with information about Mercury, Mercury Retrograde, and tips for navigating this tricky astrological transit.

Let Mercury Retrograde Be Your Muse – Unleash Your Creative Brilliance Today

Snag this workshop for its special live price $19.99 while it lasts!