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Moon Sign Mastery Workbook

Moon Sign Mastery Workbook

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Uncover your celestial self with the Cosmic Cannibal Moon Sign Mastery Workbook! This 50-page digital guide covers everything you need to know to master your astrological Moon Sign. Packed with information about your unique emotional self, Moon Sign Mastery is a must-have for every student of astrology.

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Here's what you get in this workbook:

  • Explanations of the meaning of the Moon in astrology, its role in the birth chart and your personality.
  • In-depth analysis of the 12 Moon signs and their emotional temperaments, characteristics, security needs, nurturing styles, instincts and intuition.
  • Thoughtful descriptions of how your Moon's sign, house and degree placement shapes YOUR emotional responses, needs, and habits.
  • 50 gorgeously-designed pages loaded with need-to-know information about YOUR Moon sign.
  • Journal Prompts and Worksheets

    Connect with your inner self and explore how/where your Moon finds its expression.

  • Strategies for Working with Your Moon

    Carefully curated strategies to help you cultivate emotional balance and self-awareness.

  • Cheat sheets

    All 12 Moon Signs, all 12 house placements of the Moon, and the meaning of the Moon Sign degrees.

Uncover YOUR celestial self today!