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Manifesting with the Moon Workbook

Manifesting with the Moon Workbook

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Unlock your manifesting powers with the Cosmic Cannibal Manifesting with the Moon Workbook! In this digital journal, 78 pages of intention-setting, self-discovery, goal-setting, and manifestation await.

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Here's what you get in this workbook:

  • Explanations of each new moon and full moon, their themes, and how those help YOU in your manifestation practice.
  • Opportunities, strengths, challenges, and self-care suggestions based on each new and full moon.
  • Bespoke guidance to help YOU set and reach your manifestation goals.
  • 78 pages of insightful content to propel your manifestation practice, intention-setting, and self-discovery forward.
  • A Year's Worth of New/Full Moons

    Harness the energies and themes of 12 new moons and 12 full moons. That's 24 lunations to turbocharge your intentions all year long!

  • 90+ Journal Prompts

    Guided by the unique themes of each lunation, these prompts will help you connect deeper with yourself and set meaningful and lasting goals.

  • Curated Cosmic Wisdom

    Unique astrology insights to nurture your mind, body and soul, support new ideas and ventures, and celebrate your victories.

Say goodbye to regular goal-setting and hello to astrological intention-setting!