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The Astrology of Fame Workshop

The Astrology of Fame Workshop

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Step boldly into the limelight with The Astrology of Fame workshop.

In this immersive 80-minute online course, pro astrologer Cosmic Cannibal dives deep into the stars to decode the Fame placements of your birth chart, revealing the keys to unlocking your full potential. Learn how to embrace your unique strengths and talents, and gain the confidence to unleash them on the world stage. 

From dissecting your birth chart to unraveling the mysteries of the fame degrees, you'll gain invaluable insights into what sets you aglow and how to harness that cosmic energy for success. You can say goodbye to feeling unfulfilled in your career or creatively stifled, and hello to a life where you're celebrated for being authentically you.

Don't wait for the spotlight to find you, seize it with both hands–because baby, you were born to shine.

Pre-Order Today. Workshop launches April 7, 2024

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Unleash YOUR Star Power

This isn't about celebrity – it's about owning your power. Whether you're a star on the rise or simply hungry for professional growth, this workshop is your ticket to making it happen. In it, you get:

  • Bespoke insights tailored to YOUR birth chart. Discover the parts of you that are hungry for recognition, and emerge armed with the knowledge to shine your brightest.
  • Invaluable wisdom into the astrology of YOUR fame placements. Learn your struggles, strengths, and core motivations. It’s like a birth chart reading & astrology course wrapped into one.
  • Step-by-step decoding of YOUR birth chart to unveil the hidden keys to success, and discover how to shine at home, at work, and in love like the superstar you are meant to be.

No more feeling stuck or unfulfilled. The Astrology of Fame Workshop is YOUR portal to unlocking personal and professional success like never before.

Why You Need this workshop

You Deserve to Shine Your Brightest

Discover YOUR Star Power

The Astrology of Fame is your ticket to unleashing your inner star power.

With bespoke advice and actionable tips from Cosmic Cannibal, learn which parts of YOU are yearning for the spotlight, and how to easily attract the attention and recognition you've been craving.

Unlock Your Potential

Unsure of what direction you're heading in and how to actually shine your brightest? Don't worry.

With unrivaled insights into the parts of your birth chart that crave recognition, including planets, houses, and placements, this workshop will help YOU unlock your potential for personal and professional success.

Gain insights into your unique struggles, strengths, and core motivations for seeking fame.

Harness the Power of YOUR Chart

Empower yourself to shine brighter and be seen in your authentic light.

The Astrology of Fame workshop elevates your astrology practice with practical tools and techniques for understanding fame astrology. Learn how to activate your cosmic superpowers and harness the energies of the stars to propel your journey to stardom.

Success & Recognition Action Plan

Learn practical strategies to activate your cosmic superpowers. Discover how to create your very own Success Action Plan so that you can set, meet, and achieve your goals for success and recognition.

No more hiding, it's time for YOU to claim the spotlight and boldly step into your power.

  • Guided Goal-Setting Practice

    Work with the astro-expert, Camille, as she leads you through a transformative intention-setting and manifestation practice to set goals for success. Because why just learn about your chart's potential, when you can actually do something abou it?

  • Astrology of Fame Cheat Sheets

    Explore the nuances of fame degrees, and learn more about the planets, houses and signs in YOUR chart with these bonus astrology cheat sheets. Say goodbye to feeling lost in the shuffle and hello to unlocking your true purpose.

  • Celebrity Birth Chart Insights

    Dive into the birth charts of celebs Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Gwen Stefani and more. Decode the meaning of their astrology placements to see how YOU can shine like a star in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

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Fame isn't just written in the stars – it's waiting for you to claim it.

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