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Sick of the chaos that was 2023? Join the club.

No, seriously: Get ready for the Cosmic Collective—an astrology membership community for those ready to kick the chaos to the curb and transform their 2024. If you're after real talk, raw vibes, and cosmic clarity to boss up in your personal, professional, and love life, then welcome to the club.

It's time to ditch the drama and chart a course for a year that's truly yours.

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  • Solar Tier $5.99/month

    • Join the 24/7 online astrology community
    • Free 2024 Astrology Rising Sign Reading
    • FULL Access to The Cosmic Almanac with monthly rising sign horoscopes ($60 value!)
    • Free downloadable 2024 Astrology calendar
    • Early Access to Content (astrology forecasts, podcast episodes, astrology workshops)
    • 15% off Birth Chart Readings
    • Bonus Content (podcasts & videos on zodiac sign compatibility, and more)
    • Digital Astrology Resources (horoscope guides, astrology workbooks, cheat sheets)
    Solar Tier 
  • Rising Tier $14.99/month

    Everything in Solar Tier, plus:

    • 25% off Chart Readings + priority booking
    • Monthly astrology workshops: attend ANY live workshop & access unlimited replays.
    • Livestream Astrology Q&A's
    • 15% discount off store products
    • Free Mystery Gift your first month
    Rising Tier 
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Try The Cosmic Collective for FREE

Don't miss out on the cosmic adventure. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial of The Cosmic Collective.

That's an ALL ACCESS pass to our workshops & digital resources, weekly Q&A's, AND our online community, FREE for 14 days!

  • Unforgettable Astrology Workshops

    Every month, we drop workshops that span the astrology spectrum, from the Astrology of Fame and Wealth-building, to Compatibility and Career, and much more! You also get unlimited access to the workshop library, so you never miss an astro-lesson.

    Available on the Rising Tier.

  • Live Q&A's with Camille

    Access a seasoned astrologer's wisdom in livestream Q&A sessions with Camille, aka Cosmic Cannibal.

    In these live, hour-long sessions, get personalized insights and advice on ongoing or upcoming transits, unravel the secrets of your birth chart, and solve your most urgent astrology and life dilemmas.

    Available on the Rising Tier.

  • Cosmic Connections Community

    Join a stellar online community, where astrology newbies and enthusiasts unite. Engage in real-time discussions, get advice on birth charts and ongoing transits, and forge connections with kindred spirits who share your passion for the stars.

  • Bespoke Digital Resources

    Empower yourself with our array of digital downloads, each one tailored to specific themes, workshops, and vibes of the month.

    Dive into one-of-a-kind workbooks, astrology planners, cheat sheets, and more. Consider it your digital arsenal for working with the astrology of 2024.

  • Bonus Content & Early Access

    Stay one step ahead of the cosmic chaos with early access to weekly horoscopes, mind-bending workshops, out-of-this-world podcast episodes, stellar YouTube videos, enlightening PDF guides, and a whole universe of exclusive content—before anybody else!

  • Save Time and $$ on Birth Chart Readings

    Prepare for an out-of-this-world experience! Members of The Cosmic Collective unlock stellar discounts on birth chart readings—and as an added bonus: you secure priority booking in Camille's busy schedule. So, you save time & money!

    20% Discount & Priority Booking available on Rising Tier.

  • Unlock Access to The Cosmic Almanac on Substack

    Dive into exclusive weekly and monthly horoscopes, moon forecasts, and a trove of astrology, birth chart, and compatibility articles that cut through the astro noise. Exclusive podcast episodes and personal essays add that extra cosmic kick to the intersection of life & astrology.

    Free Monthly Subscription ($60) Available on the Rising Tier.

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Own YOUR Journey in 2024

Why leave your fate in the hands of 2024's astrology?

Be informed, be engaged, and be the master of your astro-game with the Cosmic Collective, the ONLY astrology membership community dedicated to empowering you through the coming year and beyond.

  • Goal- and New Moon Intention-Setting in 2024

    January 11, 2024 - Conquering 2024: New Moon Intention-Setting for the New Year

  • Love and Birth Chart Compatibility

    February - Astro Love: Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign Compatibility

  • Money and Financial Well Being

    Charting Wealth: Manifesting Money with YOUR Birth Chart

  • Fame Degrees

    The Astrology of Fame: Unlocking Fame in YOUR Birth Chart

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Monthly Astrology Workshops with Camille

Gain UNLIMITED access to workshops that dive deep into meaningful topics, offering practical insights for navigating life's twists and turns. No fluff—just real, accessible astrology to empower you each and every month.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Conquering 2024: New Moon Intention-Setting Jan. 11, 2024

The Cosmic Collective Community

This online community is a 24/7 chat room where you can engage in real-time discussions about your birth chart or the astrology of the moment, find solace in shared experiences, and receive support from Camille and others as you navigate the astrology of the months and year ahead.

Live Q&As with Camille

In these live 60-minute sessions, chat with Camille and get answers to your most pressing astrology questions.

Whether you want to know how Pluto in Aquarius impacts your love life in 2024, or are curious about specific placements in your birth chart, these live Q&A's are here to keep you informed and empowered about what lies ahead each month, and how to best align yourself with the celestial shifts.

Bespoke Digital Resources

Equip yourself with tools designed to make astrology work for YOU.

Each month, we're dropping a comprehensive digital download—from workbooks and guidebooks, to planners and cheatsheets—all crafted to help you work with and apply astrology in practical ways.

Whether it's understanding Dominant Planets and Fame Degrees, or learning about the astrology of 2024 and how to set goals with the moon, we've got you covered.

Bonus: FREE Mystery Gift

After your 14-day free trial of the Jupiter Tier membership, score a sweet self-care treat just for signing up to The Cosmic Collective!

Because you're about to embark on a major journey—why not start with a bang? Get ready for a mysterious (and totally amazing) self-care gift. Shipping is free for U.S. residents.

Grab Your Free Trial & Bonus Gift Today

Don't miss out! Try The Cosmic Collective Free for 14 days, and get a self-care gift after your 14-day trial.

Free Gift Available on Rising Tier.