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Career & Purpose Birth Chart Reading

Career & Purpose Birth Chart Reading

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Uncover invaluable insights into your career path, strengths, and potential challenges with the Cosmic Cannibal Career & Purpose Reading. The pro astrologer shines a bright light on what YOUR birth chart reveals about your ideal vocation, job aptitude, areas for professional development, and potential career shifts.

Choose your time, from 5 minutes to 60. With tiered pricing, you get a discount. So, the longer the reading, the less you pay:

  • 10-minute reading: (10% discount)
  • 20-minute reading: (15% discount)
  • 30-minute reading: (20% discount)
  • 60-minute reading: (25% discount)
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Find Your True Calling

This 5-to-60 minute audio journey is your personal guide to career success, unveiling the secrets to professional fulfillment that are hidden within your birth chart.

Roadmap to YOUR Dream Career

Here's why this reading is a game-changer for you:

💼 Tailored Insights: Dive deep into your unique professional purpose and uncover the career path best suited to YOU. No more second-guessing or settling for less than you deserve!

💡 Actionable Advice: Whether you're starting a new venture or looking to level up in your current role, I've got you covered with practical guidance you can implement right away.

🔍 Comprehensive Analysis: Gain invaluable insights into your 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses, and your strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential, and set yourself on the path to professional greatness.

This Reading is for YOU if:

🔥 You're tired of feeling stuck in your career and are ready to take the next leap forward.
🌈 You crave clarity and direction when it comes to your professional path.
💪 You want to attract a career that aligns with your skills, passions, and values.
🚀 You're ready to step into your power and claim the success you deserve.

Why You Need this reading

Unrivaled Career Insights

Discover Your Skills & Talents

Get the scoop on your 2nd House talents and skills, and how those lend themselves to YOUR ideal career.

Know YOUR Ideal Work Environment

Through a thorough analysis of your 6th & 10th houses, and their planetary rulers, you get a complete picture of your IDEAL work environment and career.

Learn how to present yourself to the professional world, how to work with YOUR unique approach to productivity, and discover which jobs are worth YOUR time.

Elevate Your Self-Knowledge

Climb to greater heights of understanding as you explore the strengths, potential hurdles, and inner drives behind your Midheaven, a key career placement in the birth chart.

Empower Your Choices

Armed with a clearer understanding of your skills, talents, and midheaven drives, this reading will help you make informed decisions about your future career and professional purpose.

Get More, Save More $$

With tiered pricing, you get a MAJOR discount on this reading.

The longer the reading session, the more you save $$:

  • 10-minute reading: (10% discount)
  • 20-minute reading: (15% discount)
  • 30-minute reading: (20% discount)
  • 60-minute reading: (25% discount)

    Your Ideal Career Awaits

    Don't wait to unlock it! Invest in yourself and let Camille guide you towards a future filled with purpose, passion, and endless possibilities. Your journey to success starts HERE.